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Toshiko Sato

19 September 1980
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Name: Dr Toshiko Sato
Fandom: Torchwood
Age: 32
Job: Technical expert/alien language translator

Character description on Wikipedia

Toshiko has Japanese parents, but was born in Britain, then spent several years as a child in Japan, before her parents finally moved back home to Britain when Tosh was eleven. She joined a think tank straight out of university, then went onto work for the MOD, and then, eventually onto Torchwood Three, recruited by Jack Harkness. She also has good medical knowledge, but works primarily on the technical side of things now. Her main role at Torchwood is to study alien artifacts and find out what exactly they do, and how that information can be used to help humanity.

Very quiet but highly intelligent (probably closer to genius), Toshiko also has a keen understanding of practical physics, which makes her useful as a field agent. Despite being quite sensitive, Toshiko remains focused and intensely professional at all times and doesn't let much faze her.


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For prompt writing purposes, the mun will be primarily following canon, but will be including the Torchwood novels, released by BBC Books in there. However, there may be deviation and if something in Haurvatat is appropriate to a prompt, it will be used.

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